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FAQs / About Crunchy Badger

Are these prints any good?

Well of course! Crunchy Badger Clothing is partnered with Spreadshirt, who use super awesome plot printing to make really high quality prints. You can read more about plot printing, and watch a video about Spreadshirt's process here.

So it won't look crap after a few washes then?

Seriously. Check out the Print Quality page. It's got photos and everything.

How much does shipping cost? Can I return items? Cancel orders?...

Not much. Sort of. Sometimes... Check out Spreadshirt's extensive help section for all questions to do with ordering admin.

Why is postage and packing to Europe so expensive?

I looked into printing in Europe, but the copyright laws there are more restrictive, so no dice. That said, making the shirts in the US keeps the item prices right down compared to European manufacture. Take a look: Most of them are under 10 Euros! Hopefully that leaves enough in your budget to help with shipping. Plus you save more when ordering more than one item.

What's the "follow us" stuff top and bottom of every page?

My new design release schedule is, ahem, irregular, so you can keep informed by following us on yur favourite social network. On top of new designs there are also sales and special offers too. And I promise not to post annoyingly often: I have a day job after all.

Why Crunchy Badger?

Part nod at Python, part gross, part funny and part a general enjoyment of all things badger. Oh, and part why the hell not?

What underwear are you wearing?

Dave. Seriously. Get off my website.

Do you make loads of cash doing this?

A couple of bucks a shirt, so I'm not going to be retiring to my own private island any time soon. I'll be honest: As with most spare-time T-shirt designers my ambition is mainly to be out one day and see someone wearing one of my designs.

So how can I contact you?

Email works for me: uberbossguy{at}crunchybadger(dot)com. Remember I can't do anything about individual orders though (sorry!), you'll need to get in touch with Spreadshirt for that.