Photo of Taxi Driver shirt

Mad love to...



Proud purveyors of the Badger's first tee blog mention, and a damn fine blog it is too.


Some very encouraging words in the Badger's second blog outing, courtesy of this great funny Tshirts blog.

The T-Shirt Site

The Badger's third blog mention, proudly perveyed by this great blog, specialising in witty shirts.

Tee Gazette

A brand profile makes up the Badger's fourth blog showing, on the ever stylish TTG.

Preshrunk: Tees and hoodies weblog

A fave feed from the old days, now in new hands. Low volume, but high quality: Just how I like it.


Science! T-Shirts from Amorphia Apparel

A great range from the guy who inspired me to try my hand at this stuff, and provided a couple of my own favourite shirts.

Handmade handbags and more from StripyKat

Astonishingly beautiful items made by a friend of mine, check out the uniquely cool iPhone holders.

Crisp, fun tees from La Fraise

Awesome French company, producing detailed and unusual prints on a weekly basis.

Funny and smart Tees from Glennz Tees

Love the styling on the artwork from these guys

Cool crowdsourced tees from Threadless / TypeTees

Obvious perhaps, but creditable for getting me into internet tees many moons back, and also for making up about 50% of the back of my Tee drawer

Quirky cartoon cool from Sharing Machine

Want and want. D'yer hear me Santa?!

Sleek typographical shirts from Blanka

See, typography can be beautiful, all by itself. This 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' shirt is one of my favourite tees.

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