Photo of Taxi Driver shirt

Film quote tees FAQ

So: I don't get it.

No problem: The numbers on each shirt represent the minutes and seconds into a film when a stand out all-time classic line is delivered. So 8 minutes and 12 seconds into Dr. No, James Bond says "The name's Bond... James Bond" for the first time ever (in the 'official' films at least).

Will anyone else get it?

Some will, some won't, but you'll know, and it'll start a conversation / argument every time, which is all part of the fun.

How did you find out the time stamp for all these films?

Mostly by using subtitle files, which have the timestamp down to the milisecond (kudos to my game audio genius friend Gaz for thinking of that). Of course where I have the film, I watched again it to double check (any excuse to rewatch a classic).

By the way: In each case I've used the original version of the film, no special editions or director's cuts. Just because I wanted to, not because they're worse. Except that Donnie Darko cut of course.

I checked my Laserdisc - you got the timestamp wrong!

Ok, these films are all classics, which means they've been around a while, which in turn means there have been many releases, with different movie studio splashes, formats, cuts for TV, remasters, director's cuts, extended editions and so on. I've tried to use the earliest version in each case - but it won't match every version that's out there, as we know that's just how movies work, and I don't think it hurts the designs.

That said, if you think I've got it horribly wrong, let me know!

Could you do one for "Plan 9 From Outer Space" (insert own title)?

Maybe, if it's a really good idea. However these things take time to set up, so I reserve the right to go to the park instead.